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 "Piano playing is an ideal, all-weather, lifetime hobby or a profitable profession." 

 "The Piano Guild champions the Piano as the King of Instruments by raising the art of Piano-Playing to a position of  paramount importance in the Public Eye, thus deserving and receiving the support of the  better teachers and their  pupils everywhere." - Silvio Scionti, Mus. Doc., formerly with North Texas State College

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There are several points that give the Guild its unique strength:

  • No competition. Each student plays against par for his level, but never competes against another student.
  • There is no required program for any age (except for Diplomas and Special Medal programs).
  • There is no age limit; three and four-year-olds may enter, as well as adults of all ages.
  • No publishing house is favored (all editions of all publishers are equally acceptable).
  • Any style of technique is permissible.

Our instructors Melissa Grossi, Greg Moses, and Brittney Vadeboncoeur are teacher-members of the ACM/NGPT. In addition, Melissa Grossi and Greg Moses are certified judges. Melissa Grossi is the chairperson for the Seekonk, MA Audition Center. This feature of teacher members who are sufficiently outstanding to be selected to go about the country as judges, and yet willing to put their pupils in the auditions to be evaluated by other judges, shows the fine sportsmanship and esprit de corps that knits to Guild so closely together and makes it what it is. 

American College of Musicians/National Guild of Piano Teachers

National Piano Playing Auditions are held at The Piano Key each Spring. Students are adjudicated by an international panel of judges and receive report cards, certificates, and fraternity pins. The purpose of the auditions is to establish goals for the earliest beginner as well as the artistic adult. By encouraging growth and enjoyment through the study of piano, these goals attempt to give music study some definite direction and provide a measurement for progress.

Piano Guild