Your Child Will Love Discovering Music

KiddyKeys® is a fun, multi-faceted approach to teaching music to preschoolers.

This highly educational program focuses on teaching piano concepts and music appreciation to children 2 ½ to 5 years old and makes every child a star!

KiddyKeys® is effective because it appeals to your child’s individual learning style – visual, auditory, or kinesthetic – and allows your child to explore and experience the exciting nature of music.

Original storybooks, activity sheets, hands-on teaching tools and a CD of engaging children’s music bring each KiddyKeys music lesson to life. Activity sheets correlate with each week’s lesson concept and integrate color, shape, and letter recognition, reinforcing skills that help prepare your child for school.

Children Experience the Joy of Music

Each week’s class emphasizes character development – sharing, saying please and thank you, and seeing each other, as well as ourselves, as special. The development of these social skills will help build your child’s self-confidence and self-worth.

Here’s a sampling of what your child will learn:

  • Rhythm and movement exercises that develop small and large motor skills
  • Recognition of notes and note values
  • Memory skill building through repeated music terminology
  • Counting exercises to help recognize numbers and develop math skills
  • Creative development through sound composition and exploration
  • Introduction to the music staff and piano keyboard
  • Development of verbal skills through group interaction
  • Reinforcement of listening skills by discerning high and low, loud and soft sounds
  • Improved hand-eye coordination through hands-on experience with rhythm instruments and the keyboard
  • Recognition of the music alphabet, colors, and shapes with worksheet activities
  • Music story time focusing on composers, music terminology, and behavior

Sharing a Love of Music and Young Children

The KiddyKeys® program offers so many wonderful learning opportunities – all in the name of fun. With the KiddyKeys® program as a foundation, your child will be ready to move confidently on to piano lessons, if desired.

Unlocking the door to a lifetime of musical enjoyment

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 "KiddyKeys empowered my children to glide effortlessly into playing and thoroughly enjoying piano by the age of five. It exposes young  children to music theory in such a way that it becomes second nature to them, and after they leave the program, learning even more  sophisticated music theory continues to be fun, hence easy." - Missy, Mother of Liam and Colin

 “KiddyKeys…encourages self-worth and achievement, while incorporating movement,  coordination, and hands-on participation through the use of senses in a fun atmosphere.  The curriculum absolutely lends itself to enthusiastic learning...What a great gift to give the  young children in our lives!” - Madeline, mother of 4 year-old Anthony

 "KiddyKeys has been amazing for my son. His self-confidence  is built up each week by the passion and compassion of the  instructor. Besides teaching early music terms and  love for  music, the curriculum and instructors carry through life  lessons taught at home. KiddyKeys is a safe and fun  environment. Smiles and laughter are so important to capture  a child's attention and both are seen and heard at every drop-  off and pick-up. KiddyKeys is truly one of the best programs  that my child has been involved with."

                                                          - Jeannie, Mother of Jack

Come see what fun it is to make music with us!

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