Come along as we learn while we play!

KiddyKeys & Company has been specially crafted for younger children, ages 1.5 - 3.  A child is never too young to learn about the piano and music. We've set the ideal stage to make fun and learning happen for your little one.

KiddyKeys & Company happily gives each child and their adult partner the opportunity to sing, move, and learn beginning music concepts together in a caring and educational learning environment.

Children ages 1.5 - 3 are invited to attend weekly classes along with a parent, grandparent, nanny, or any other trusted family friend. We'll sing, make music, and begin to discover music and the piano together. The wonderful, original KiddyKeys books and songs will be shared with each child while they enjoy interacting and playing music with their classmates. In addition to teaching each child about music, KiddyKeys & Company classes will focus on the development of fine motor skills, positive social skills, and identification of letters, numbers, and colors.

All KiddyKeys & Company classes are taught by licensed KiddyKeys educators. Your child can participate in KiddyKeys & Company at ages 1.5 - 3, move on independently to a KiddyKeys class, and then on to piano lessons if desired. Each child in KiddyKeys & Company will be actively engaged in the music class - learning and developing skills that they'll use in school and beyond.

Enroll in KiddyKeys & Company and enhance your experience with the KiddyKeys Coloring Book and CD. Our goal is to engage your child in the learning process, and what better way to do that than to provide program materials that will make your child's experience with KiddyKeys & Company exceptional, enjoyable, and educational!


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Unlocking the door to a lifetime of musical enjoyment

 "KiddyKeys empowered my children to glide effortlessly into playing and thoroughly enjoying  piano by the age of five. It exposes young  children to music theory in such a way that it  becomes second nature to them, and after they leave the program, learning even more  sophisticated music theory continues to be fun, hence easy." - Missy, Mother of Liam and Colin

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 "KiddyKeys has been amazing for my son. His self-confidence  is built up each week by the passion and compassion of the  instructor. Besides teaching early music terms and  love for  music, the curriculum and instructors carry through life  lessons taught at home. KiddyKeys is a safe and fun  environment. Smiles and laughter are so important to capture  a child's attention and both are seen and heard at every drop-  off and pick-up. KiddyKeys is truly one of the best programs  that my child has been involved with."

                                                          - Jeannie, Mother of Jack