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Our Instruction
We offer private instruction for piano and voice. Our teachers personalize each students' instruction to better suit the individual's learning style. 

Lesson Times 
Private lessons are offered Monday through Saturday with our professional instructors at a variety of convenient times. The private lessons are offered in 30, 45, and 60 minute increments. Advanced students (late intermediate and up) are encouraged to take 45 or 60 minute lessons. Contact us to see which days and times are available.

Our Pianos
We use acoustic pianos which are tuned regularly for optimum performance in our private lessons. We also own digital pianos boasting features such as high-resolution displays, digital score technology, interactive skill building games, and more.The interactive games develop note reading, ear training, and rhythm skills. Built in repertoire features give each student the experience of playing with an orchestra, and grades students on accuracy of notes and rhythm to guide students to personal fulfillment.  We use these pianos in special recitals to teach composition and arranging, encouraging each student to develop creative skills in music making.

The Piano Key is committed to providing our students with outstanding quality instruction in a comfortable facility and caring environment. Our team of instructors are motivated by their love of music and the passion to transfer their knowledge and skills to others so their creativity and talent can shine.


We are dedicated to ensuring that each of our students has a rewarding and successful experience. We realize that it is difficult to know if a music studio is providing quality instruction, so we hope that the following information will be helpful and informational for you while you are choosing a music studio.